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In2Frames was honoured to be asked recently to frame some Masonic Jewels. We left a space in the top right corner for the next Jewel as per our customers requirements. We also had their permission to put these photos on our social media sites and website.

“Masonic Jewelry is worn by members of the craft to exemplify the feelings of universal brotherhood which Freemasonry both teaches and embraces across the world.

Badges, medals and jewels are amongst the earliest surviving objects associated with freemasonry. In the eighteenth century, when the first Grand Lodge in the world was formed, it was not uncommon to wear a badge, often very elaborate, which provided visual evidence of membership of an organisation and of rank within that organisation as an “emblem of belonging”.

The tradition continued in the nineteenth century and extended to associations representing all social groups including friendly societies with a “working class” membership whose base metal jewels were stamped from dies in considerable numbers.

Badges are still very much part of twenty first century life. Although they may not now be metal but ribbon or plastic, they still mark the wearer as member of an interest group either supporting a range of causes, from politics to a particular type of music, or a charitable donor.”

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