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A fitting tribute...

A war memorial frame recently completed by In2Frames. Our customer (who came from Doncaster) was highly delighted and not only sent us a lovely email (below) he also wrote us a testimonial praising our work.

“Dear Alwynn and Lisa,

Thank you for sending the pictures which are excellent and which I will treasure. They will be important to me because once I place the display in the church it will be 150 miles away and I will seldom have opportunity to see it. That many other people will do so and admire the workmanship and the fitting tribute it makes to those ringers who fell in the Great War, no doubt bringing to memory all those others who fell with them gives me pride and satisfaction. It is a fulfillment of the tributes that I and my ringing friends began back in 2013. On four occasions we have rung the bells with the solemn sound of muffled clappers but when we meet to dedicate this memorial we will ring joyfully with the bells fully open. I hope to arrange the presentation during the coming few months and will keep you in touch. After that I will hope to go back to Watton-at-Stone to ring a final time for Remembrance Sunday when the centenary of the end of hostilities will be marked. If only that really had been the end of hostilities how much different would our world be now.

Thank you both so very much for all that you have done, I really could not be more grateful.

Attached you will find a testimonial letter which I invite you to use in any way that might be helpful and as already agreed please use the pictures too.

My wife sends her good wishes; she too is full of praise for what you have produced for us.

Kind regards,


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